Saturday, June 30, 2007

iPhone Release / Dead Bird

With the release of the iPhone today, I was excited to head to the nearest AT&T or Apple store to check one out in person. There is an AT&T store right by where I work, so after the kids were in bed, I decided to head over there to check it out. Several hundred yards before I reach the AT&T store, a black crow flies at lightning speed from the shopping center on the left straight in front of my car. I swerved and tried to miss it, but to no avail. It hit the grill with a thud and landed on my hood. Then I slammed on my brakes and the dead bird slid towards the front of the car and would have fallen off back into the street if I didn't have a bug guard on the front of my hood. The guard caught the bird and for the next few hundred yards I saw black feathers flapping up in the breeze while I drove. As I slowed down the feathers disappeared. I thought maybe the bird had slid off of the hood and onto the street somewhere. When I got out of my truck, I looked and the bird was still wedged in the corner of my hood and the bug guard. I was thorougly disgusted at the sight of a dead bird stuck to my truck. The bird was stuck there and I wasn't about to grab it with my hand to pull it out - the thing was dirty and disgusting.

I walked up to the AT&T store at 8:05 and it had just closed at 8:00. I decided to head out to the Apple store in Southlake to check it out there, since all Apple stores were open until 10 the night of the iPhone release. I climbed back in my truck and started on my way to the Apple store. Once the truck was over about 25 mph, I saw the black feathers flapping once again. I had to look at that for 15 minutes all the way to the Apple store in Southlake. After getting out of the truck in Southlake, I examined the bird once more. The more I drove the more it got wedged inbetween the trunk and the bug guard. I headed over to the apple store to check out the iPhone.

Here is my review of the iPhone:

"The iPhone is truly revolutionary. It does many things that have never been done before by cell phones. As Apple always does, the design is phenomenal. By this time there was not a line at the Apple Store, so I played with one for about 45 minutes. The touchscreen was very good, although I did have a little trouble getting used to the very small keyboard. I kept hitting the wrong buttons. I sent a text message to myself, checked the weather, Google maps, photos, browsed the web, and browsed the music/video iPod menus. The navigation was terrific. The pinch to zoom in and zoom out is pretty cool. The speed did not impress me. It wasn't slow, but it wasn't that fast. It's hard to tell how much of that was because there were 20 iPhones and a slew of other computers all sharing Apple's one internet connection in their store. The thing I was interested in was how it performed when using the phone for Google maps instead of the WiFi card. I switched the phone to AT&T service instead of WiFi and tried Google Maps. It went from 3rd gear to 1st gear. AT&T definitely has a lot of room to improve on this. I wasn't impressed at all with the speed through the phone. So, the question comes now - is it worth $499 or $599? At only 4 GB and 8 GB versions, I don't think it is worth the money. When I rip one of my DVDs to mpeg-4 it is usually between 1.5 GB and 2 GB for one movie. That's not very many movies that you could hold on the iPhone. Our entire music collection that we own is 11 GB. Release a 16 or 32 GB version and then I might think about it. I currently have a Nokia 5300 Express Music phone and am extremely happy with it. I'll stick with Nokia for now - still the best cell phone manufacturer in my opinion."

After leaving the Apple store, I found a metal strip about a foot long sitting on the ground from a construction site behind some of the buildings near where I parked. I took it over to my truck with the intention of using it to help scrape the dead bird out from my truck. I tried it, but to no avail. The bird was so wedged in there I was afraid that by putting too much pressure I might fling the piece of metal back out and scratch the hood of my truck. So I drove home to the lovely sight of black flapping feathers. I got home, went inside, and forgot about the bird.

In the morning I went outside and the bird was no longer stuck in my truck. Instead I found a dead bird on our driveway that was entirely gutted out. I almost threw up. Some animal must have found it overnight and dug it out of my truck. Good thing I didn't have to do that. Allison used a stick to scrape it over to the grass, and by that afternoon some other animal must have carried it off, because it was gone. It is interesting how mother nature naturally takes care of itself, isn't it?