Sunday, September 30, 2007

Crazy Upset Week 5 - Undefeateds diminishing

Wow, so many upsets this week. Who would have thought that both Texas and OU would have one loss going into the Red River Shootout? Many of the undefeateds fell Saturday including 7 of the top 13 teams: Oklahoma, Florida, West Virginia, Texas, Rutgers, Oregon & Clemson. I think it's time to start tracking the undefeateds. There are 15 undefeated Division 1-A teams left. I've listed them below, as well as the next four games for each of the top 10 undefeated teams:

Top Ten Undefeated Teams
#1 USC - Stanford,Arizona,@Notre Dame,@Oregon
#2 LSU - Florida,@Kentucky,Auburn,Alabama
#3 California - Oregon State,@UCLA,@Arizona State,Washington State
#4 Ohio State - @Purdue,Kent State,Michigan State,@Penn State,Wisconsin
#5 Wisconsin - @Illinois,@Penn State,Northern Illinois,Indiana
#6 Boston College - Bowling Green,@Notre Dame,@Virginia Tech,Florida State
#8 Kentucky - @South Carolina,LSU,Florida,Mississippi State
#9 South Florida - @Florida Atlantic,UCF,Rutgers,@Connecticut

#10-#25 Undefeated Teams:
#15 Hawaii
#17 Missouri
#19 Arizona State
#20 Purdue
#24 Cincinatti

Unranked Undefeateds:
Connecticut (they haven't played anyone yet - plays 4-1 Virginia this week)
Kansas (hasn't played anyone yet eithere - plays 3-1 Kansas State this weekend)

As far as the distribution of top 25 teams - I don't think I'm going to keep up with that each week. I may update that every few weeks. I'm more interested now in the undefeated teams left.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

College Football Week 4

Well, the pie chart hasn't changed much this week. The Pac-10 basically stole one spot from the top 25 from the Big 12 with ASU's win and A&M's loss. SEC still dominates all conferences with 6 spots in the top 25. There are 23 Championship Division (previously called 1-A) teams that are undefeated. Each week several more will fall from the ranks. As we get down to more of a manageable number, I'll start tracking the undefeated teams as well. The next big benchmark of the season is the Texas OU game. I sure hope that Texas and OU don't look past Kansas State and Colorado to next week like I am. The Red River Shootout is the best when both teams go into it undefeated and ranked in the top 10. This week Texas gets Kansas State at home and Oklahoma has to go on the road to Colorado. All of the media is pretty much expecting OU to whoop up on Texas this year. I'd rather have it that way than the other way around. For the most part recently(except for Vince's title year run), Texas seems to perform better when the pressure is not on them (think of the Chris Simms era). I'd rather be the underdog going into the Red River Shootout than to be the favorite. OU sure has looked good so far this year, though. Texas hasn't looked as sharp, but that being said, Texas-OU is a rivalry game and as we all know, the better team on paper doesn't always win rivalry games. You can toss out the records and statistics when entering the Cotton Bowl this year on October 6. I also really hope that Texas wins since one of my friends attending OU will be staying with us that weekend while he goes to the game on Saturday. If Texas loses, then I'm never going to hear the end of it from him. That's all for now...oh, and here's the updated rankings by conference chart, even though it didn't change much:

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Texas vs Rice game

Grandpa bought Travis and Aiden a ticket so they could go to the Texas Rice game this year (thanks, Dad!). We all had a lot of fun - here are some of the pictures from the game:

A school teacher Travis met in front of us on the escalators:

Check out John's eyes in this one:

Crazy Wreck

We left to go to Aiden's birthday party at CiCi's pizza to travel what normally takes 40 minutes in traffic on a Friday afternoon to get over to Mesquite. It ended up taking us 1.5 hours to get there! The Eastbound HOV lane on I-30 was backed up and the entire Westbound I-30 was closed. As we got closer to the disturbance, we saw two helicopters hovering/circling around I-30. It was a wreck unlike any other that I've seen. Below are some picture that Allison snapped while I was driving, as well as the news report from the wreck:

Monday, September 17, 2007

Gymnastics - Week 3

Allison and I had our third gymnastic lesson today. We are having a lot of much fun at the class. We took a few videos and I compiled them into a short clip...check it out:

Sunday, September 16, 2007

College Football Week 3

So, what to think after week 3? I'm always interested in the different conferences and how they compare. Of course, it is still pretty early to get a big picture of how good each conference is this year. Take the Big East for example - they have more undefeated teams(5) than the Pac 10(4). One of them is Connecticut (3-0) who has beat the powerhouses of Duke, Maine & Temple. Enought said - it's too early to say much of anything. It will be interesting to see who emerges out of each conference, though. Of the Big 6 conferences, here are my top 2-3 teams from each conference:
Pac 10: USC, California, Oregon
Big 12: Oklahoma, Texas, Nebraska
SEC: LSU, Florida
Big East: West Virginia, Rutgers, South Florida
Big 10: Penn State, Ohio State, Michigan State
ACC: Boston College, Clemson, and who knows about the Coastal Division

I've updated my spreadsheet with the breakdown of top 25 teams per conference:

I think within the next few weeks it will become interesting to start tracking the undefeated teams. There are still too many to track. 21 of the top 25 are still undefeated, with other teams in the "Receiving Votes" that are undefeated as well. Let's give it a few more weeks and once we get into October and well into conference play that number will be dropping each week. How many undefeated teams will there be at the end of the season? I hope more than two, one, or none, since all three of those scenarios will create contraversy. As much as I'd like to see two undefeated teams matched up, all it will do is feed the BCS system praise that it does not need. College football needs a playoff, but that's another post for another time...

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Grapevine Lake

A bunch of us from work rented a party barge on Grapevine Lake last night and went out on the lake for 3 hours. The weather was perfect and the water felt great. Here are a few pictures, as well as two video from it. Click on any of the pictures to be taken to the whole photo album:
Video of Ben doing a gainer:

Video of Siva dancing:

The party barge before launch:

Kumar and Janet:

Jason and Nikolay grilling it up:

Nirali and Roshni:

Upper deck on the barge:

Tejas and Siva:

Steve enjoying a brewsky:

Me doing a gainer:

Me spread eagle:

Nirali, Janet & Roshni

Me and Nikhil:

Sunset on Grapevine Lake:

Steve and Mirle:

Nikhil and Roshni:

Siva and Tejas:

Mirle chillin':

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Texas vs TCU game

This was my first home game of the season (I was sick for Arkansas State and was unable to go to the 1st one). Before the game we went to Double Dave's and got some of their famous Pepperoni Rolls. Texas came out in the first half and their defense played well, holding TCU to 3 offensive points. Those three points were off of a turnover where TCU only went about 30 yards before kicking a field goal. TCU's other touchdown came off of an interception that Colt threw. We moved the ball, but gave up two turnovers and were plagued with penalties (3 offensive pass interference penalties in the 1st half against us!). I was a bit worried, being down 10-0 to a ranked team at half time. I figured as long as our defense played the same and our offensive didn't make mistakes that we would be ok in the 2nd half. Well, that's exactly what happened. Our defense once again held them to 3 points in the second half, and our offense lit up for 34 points, wrapping up the game with a final score of 34-13. We travel to Central Florida next week, then have Kansas State at home. If we can make it through those two games, then we will be undefeated going into Texas-OU. The Red River shootout is best when both teams go in undefeated. It looks like there is a good chance for that this year. Here are some pictures and a couple of videos from the game:
At Double Dave's:

Marinara is good, but ranch is better...

Walking to the stadium:

North End Zone under construction:


At the game:

The Tower lit up orange after victory!

The TCU equipment truck:

Video of Jamal Charles' 40 yard touchdown - sorry for the jiggle of the camera at the end - John got a little excited...heh heh

The Eyes of Texas after the game: