Sunday, October 21, 2007

Mike Gundy Coors Light commercial

The Mike Gundy rant is old new now, but if you haven't read about it or watched his post game meltdown, you really should. Some guys made a fake Coors Light commercial that is absolutely hilarioius. It won't be funny unless you watch the actual Mike Gundy rant first. Here is the order to watch things in:
1. Read the article by Jenni Carlson of the Oklahoman:
2. Watch the post game meltdown by Mike Gundy

3. Watch the fake Coors Light commercial on Youtube:

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Travis' rendition of The Eyes of Texas

Travis sang his rendition of "The Eyes of Texas" while riding in the car. We're still working on the few very minor pitch problems. He's really proud of himself, as are we of him...check it out:

Sunday, October 7, 2007

More undefeates drop / BCS Mess

Four more undefeateds fell by the wayside this weekend, the biggest surprise being #1 USC to unranked Stanford. Wisconsin lost to then unranked Illinois, Kentucky lost to South Carolina and Purdue lost to Ohio State.

11 Undefeated Teams Left
#1 LSU
#2 California
#3 Ohio State
#4 Boston College
#5 South Florida
#11 Missouri
#13 Arizona State
#16 Hawaii
#17 Cincinnati
#20 Kansas
Unranked Connecticut (plays 5-1 Virginia this week)

As far as the Red River Shootout goes, even though Texas lost, they sure put up a good fight - a lot more than anyone expected them to. If it weren't for the two turnovers, I think Texas would have had a very good chance to pull out the victory. I also don't understand why Florida wasted almost 30 seconds at the end of the game by waiting until the play clock was almost down to zero, then calling a time out. That could have been the difference in giving them enough time to drive back down the field and try to answer LSU's late touchdown. I can't believe LSU was 5-5 on 4th down conversion towards the end of the game. That truly was a great game.

Personally, I hope there are no undefeated teams at the end of this year. It would be great to have 5-10 one loss teams. I think the BCS crap needs to stop and we need some sort of playoff system like every other college sport has. Even division II-A football has a playoff system! Why can't division I-A have one? I don't think it would take at all away from the regular season - it would be just as exciting. Can you imagine college football playoffs?